Our approach

Ecstra’s impact strategy is based on our four actions:

  • We INFORM and support consumers through practical and impartial resources to build their financial awareness and encourage informed decisions about money

  • We ENGAGE stakeholders by working with community, government and private sector networks and provide leadership on financial capability matters

  • We make GRANTS to organisations to help them deliver more support to more people across Australia at the times they need it most

  • We GROW the evidence base of “what works” to ensure the best approaches and positive impact of financial wellbeing is shared across Australian communities.

Ecstra will take a collaborative and evidence based approach to our future partnerships, whilst administering the project grants awarded by Financial Literacy Australia (prior to December 2018). Ecstra will work with stakeholders across the community, government, education and private sectors to ensure the best ideas, successful programmes and “What Works” outcomes and impacts are shared widely.

Ecstra aims to provide resources for Australians at all life stages. We will also focus on certain groups identified by ASIC and our community partners as needing additional support at different times. These including women, youth, seniors, indigenous Australians and CALD communities.

See below for a summary of current Ecstra grants and completed Financial Literacy Australia grants. There will be much more to come…






HEALthy ageing


Financial hardship